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St. Paul’s invites all people into Christ’s ministry. We welcome everyone into full participation in the life of the congregation regardless of age, gender or gender identity, racial or ethnic background, sexual orientation, economic status, marital status, and physical or mental abilities. We are devoted to the reconciliation of all people as children of God.


We find ourselves on the verge of a Holy Week, that a year ago, we could never have imagined. Our lives, churches, and communities have suffered from convulsive disruptions — punctuated by massive losses, grief and change.

Nevertheless, while the storms of life are raging, our loving God continues with us, so that we can catch glimpses of the light breaking through the darkness.  We are invited to recall once again — Jesus’ journey with his disciples through the celebration of Palm Parades, close-knit commemoration of God’s redemption, human betrayal, violence, passion, suffering, and the promise of new life.

Through the opportunities our online connections offer, we are invited to join in this Holy Week Journey with other faithful followers of Jesus, from neighboring congregations: