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Love of God and Neighbor Happens Here
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Our services are semi-traditional, with some contemporary elements woven in.  We sing, hear a culturally relevant message, and participate in worship.  This is a place to grow, worship, question, and participate.

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Ministries at St. Paul’s are the way we reach out and connect to each other, to the congregation, and the community. This is how we build connection and invite people to gather around shared passions, prayer, interests,  and more!

Who We Are

We are a friendly, welcoming, and relational church that celebrates diversity. We are forging new pathways of ministry into our surrounding community

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Ministries at St. Paul’s are how we reach out and connect to each other, and the community. How we invite people to gather around shared passions, prayer, interests, and more!

Service Times

Zoom Fellowship: 10am
Worship Service: 10:30am

We currently offer an interactive hybrid  service
using Zoom and in-person worship.
Our gatherings focus on three things:
Prayer and Praise
Service To Our Community
Love and Care of Others

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The Latest News & Updates

Dear beloveds of St. Paul's UMC, This will be my last article to you as we prepare for yet more transition. I know that you have been through so much transition already and I am truly grateful for your support as I announced yet more. Here is what I know about St....

Pastor’s Notes

Pastor’s Notes

On July 23rd, our little family joined my larger family to go to a Seattle Mariners game.  Eighteen in total, we all wore hats that said "70" in front and "Team Tom" on the back. We took up two whole rows and cheered wildly when a "Happy 70th Birthday, Tom!" appeared...

Hello From Our New Pastor

Hello From Our New Pastor

Hello from Berlin, Germany! When you are reading this, my wife, baby, two pups and I will be busily packing up boxes from our life in Berlin.  I moved here five years ago, taking a leave of absence from the world of the church, to pursue healing and love.  You will...

Our Mission & Vision

At St. Paul’s We Believe We Are One People – God’s People

We pray that, by living out our call to love and accept all people, our community will be a blessing to each of its participants, to the wider community, and to our world so that we can truly state with conviction that Love of God and Neighbor Starts Here.

It is also important that you know that we are  a Reconciling Congregation. We believe that all people are children of God and that God’s acceptance, grace, and love are available to everyone. We declare ourselves to be a faith community intent upon reconciling all God’s people into one community of faith; we are one people – God’s people. 

Sunday Sermon

Expanding Through Brokeness With God's Love

August 6, 2023

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