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As you will remember, there was a field trip planned to the Northwest Housing Alternatives (NHA) this past May 23rd. However, on May 22nd Trell, the NHA presenter, called to report he was in bed sick, and had been there for a week! Having recovered and returned to work, he is ready to try again to give us the details on NHA. The new date for the visit will be June 20th. We will meet at church at 12:30 PM and carpool to a 1 o’clock meeting. Hopefully this will fit in your schedule so that we can have a good representative group from our church to learn this invaluable affordable housing information. Bonnie Smiley is again in charge of the sign-up clipboard and she will be contacting those who originally signed up. Participation will also be available for anyone not in the original group who is inspired to join us on June 20th.