St. Paul’s is a  friendly, welcoming, relational church.  As soon as you walk in the doors, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people from many different walks of life and at different places on their spiritual journey.  The people of St. Paul’s believe that God’s message of grace and hope offered through Jesus Christ  is for all people, regardless of any human characteristic.  When we say all are welcome, we really do mean all!  We are sorry for experiences you may have had elsewhere where that real, genuine welcome was not extended to you fully.

Here at St. Paul’s, we celebrate diversity and envision a fully inclusive church that is beautifully diverse and open to everyone.  I am certain that you will find the people of St. Paul’s genuinely care—for each other, and for you!

Whether you are a lifelong Christ-follower, new in your Christian faith, or returning to church after a time away, I am confident you will find a place to grow, worship, fellowship, question, and participate here at St. Paul’s. We are an imperfect church full of imperfect people, but we believe God is big and loves us imperfections and all.

Our Sunday service is semi-traditional, with some contemporary and modern elements woven in.  We sing, hear a culturally relevant, timely, Bible-based message, and participate in worship through hands on elements like candle-lighting, prayer, and communion.  Though we enjoy the traditional elements of our faith, we also realize that in order to reach new people, we must be open to new ideas,  broader theological interpretations, and new iterations of “church.”

Together, we are forging new pathways of ministry into our surrounding community and creatively brainstorming new ways to do church that is more meaningful to people for whom traditional worship does not resonate.  We are on a mission to grow, to offer hope, and to proclaim good news to all people.  Will you join us in that  mission?

We invite you to participate  in the life of the church either by joining us for Sunday worship or one of our other many activities.  See the “Get Involved” link for more info.