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Safe, Secure and Affordable

Here, for your enjoyment, is the third testimonial of a resident in our parsonage (Tzadakah House). While remembering the three testimonials we have read from this house, imagine the impact our church could have from the establishment of more affordable units. It does seem to be the hand of God in action! Here are Grace’s words.

“To begin, I want to acknowledge what a blessing Tzadakah House has been to me.

I needed a place to live that was safe, secure and affordable after living for almost 3 years with relatives and friends. I arrived here the night before my 60th birthday praying for a place that would fit my needs and allow me to recover and heal from the trauma of my husbands surprise illness and sudden death. My world had been blown apart, no husband, no home, no substantial income and very little peace about his passing.

Living here has given me the opportunity to heal on many levels, obtain some peace, adjust to extreme lifestyle changes and to start to rebuild my world again in a beautiful and supportive setting.

We named the house Tzadakah house because of the name’s  attributes of righteous justice and charity, with Tzadakah purpose of charity to empower people to support themselves. And that is what St. Paul’s United Methodist Church has done with establishing Tzadakah house.

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to live here.

In Love,

Grace Muncie-Jarvis”