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The housing articles you have read to this point have dealt with the impact in the neighborhood, describing the need in Milwaukee, identifying the UMC support and the possible assistance available if we pursue affordable housing. These findings could be described as looking at the problem from the inside out. Now let’s shift gears and look at it from the other side – what could be the impact on the lives of those in need? Future articles will share how other projects in existence today have changed the lives of those in need of affordable housing.

During our housing small group meetings, we have heard the collective concern of our congregation and personal connections with housing problems have been shared. What you will see beginning with this newsletter are personal changed-life-stories which could be precursors to testimonials our church might receive if we pursue this project. To read the first of these testimonials find ‘The Relief Was Tremendous’ elsewhere in this issue.

The Relief Was Tremendous

Since I’ve been at the Tzadaka house, I’ve finally been stable long enough to get out of debt and to begin saving.  Before this opportunity I was able to live in a place for a couple of years before being upended by the landlords deciding to sell, majorly renovate or raised rent to unaffordable levels.  But beyond getting debt free, is the feeling of stability staying in one place longer than 2 years.  Though I was always able to move into another place, the stress and not knowing how long I’d be staying was always present. In fact, when the second year rolled by at the house I kept waiting for a notice to move. When it didn’t materialize the relief was tremendous.  This is the greatest gift that Tzadaka house has given me.     JB