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The Second Testimonial

This testimonial is contributed by Diane Rheos a returning resident to the Tzadaka house. You will remember her speaking at one of our services about her connection with affordable housing. She is also a member of our Housing Team.

Benefits I see by living in an affordable, community home:

When I lived alone I was very lonely. When I come home here and share my day with my house-mates I know I am not alone. I am thankful to ask for help and be able to get it. I also like being able to help my housemates.

I worked hard to build up financial savings for my retirement and no longer have it. Things happened to me that I could not have planned for. Without this affordable housing I would be living in very reduced circumstances. I would need to work  multiple jobs at a time and those that I would not like. This home allows me to work a job where I know that I am having the greatest impact on my community.

I am thankful that this home gives me a way to feel blessed and know that I am blessing others.  DR