If you have been anywhere near a kid in the past few years, it is likely that you have heard the song “Let it Go” from the Disney animated film, “Frozen.” Frozen quickly became one of the top Disney films every released, and theme song, “Let it Go,” won an Oscar that year.

I love the song because I feel like I can relate to this fictional character, Elsa, who sings it as she’s “letting go” of conforming to the repressive expectations of others, and releasing her powers to create an ice castle. Now, it’s true, I don’t have any special powers and I don’t live in an ice castle, and… I’m not going to be Queen anytime soon. But, I love the theme of this song.

It is a powerful message. Elsa decides at this moment to stop trying to conform, and in a sense, she “gives up popularity” as she embraces her identity and begins to discover her real purpose. Click 20170408 Give it up popularity  to read/download the sermon.