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Your housing team had its monthly meeting on April 17th. The main subject of conversation was to share the input that we received from the small group housing meetings. Our compatible and supportive congregation enabled these meetings to be full of cordial conversation. Here are a few of the comments that were gleaned. Your team appreciates the observation that we are functioning in a transparent and inclusive way. It is no surprise to anyone that change creates discomfort, but that change can still occur. It was expressed that this project is much like what St. Paul’s has always done – helping those in need. We look forward to completing this small meeting cycle in order to gather all of the opinions that the congregation has to share.

Just what is this HDD thing??  HDD is the housing decision day, which will be June 9 during the fellowship time after church. For more information on HDD, please read What Could Be Next, which can be found later in this publication.