Financial Assistance Requested
Life Beyond 60!

For many years, St. Paul’s has had a playground set located near the Community Gardens. The playground set consists of swings, a slide, a small, attached picnic table and a rock-climbing wall. Due to the age and condition of the set some safety concerns have been raised. At the April 29th meeting of the Trustees, approval was given to research the possibility of securing a new set. Judy and Howard Huey volunteered to take on this task. After checking with Costco, Lowe’s, and the Backyard Fun Factory, they recommended to the Trustee’s that a replacement set be purchased from the Backyard Fun Factory. Their primary reasons are:

  • The set is made from 100% Redwood.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • They deliver, properly set, and install the equipment.
  • Their playground set is Adult Rated—No Weight Limit

The Backyard Fun Factory play set will consist of the main structure referred to as Fort Davis w/All Weather Roof, Picnic Table, Rock Wall, 2 Position Swing Beam, and a 12 Foot Rocket Slide.

The anticipated cost is $6,300.00.

Now the question:  From where is St. Paul’s getting the money?

The recommendation for payment will come from the following designated areas:

YOU, the congregation are invited to make a financial contribution and future investment in St. Paul’s Life Beyond 60, as we provide a play structure not only for our children and grandchildren of St. Paul’s, but also for our Community Garden families and finally, children of our Milwaukie neighbors.

The Memorial Fund:  This fund will provide $2,600.00 to the Play Ground Project.

Finally, St. Paul’s Reserve Fund:  This fund will be used to pay the remaining balance.

As your Finance Chair, I invite you to be a participant in this special Play Ground project. Whether you give $5.00 or over $100.00 or more, you will help meet the needs of children in our surrounding area as we as a congregation find ways to continue

St. Paul’s Life Beyond 60.

Barbara Maxwell, Finance Chair
Please indicate on your check or via electronic means the words Play Ground.