On July 23rd, our little family joined my larger family to go to a Seattle Mariners game.  Eighteen in total, we all wore hats that said “70” in front and “Team Tom” on the back. We took up two whole rows and cheered wildly when a “Happy 70th Birthday, Tom!” appeared on the huge board above the game.  We were celebrating my Dad turning 70! We rented a huge house in Bremerton for the entire weekend and had a blast. We came home totally exhausted and smiling.

While this plan has been in the works since Christmas last year, it fit in nicely with what we have all agreed to in having me come as your pastor halftime.  One Sunday a month I will be away. This doesn’t mean that I am not working but my hours are allocated differently that one week a month. Instead of a chunk of time devoted to sermon prep, I get to attend more meetings related to our housing coalition. I get to visit more people and pursue more community contacts. I get to explore Milwaukie and plan larger ideas. I get to dream about what I might teach at some point in our church and read a bit more about what our church might be dealing with.

In return, as well, I will be transparent about when I am away and what will be in that
sermon time on Sunday morning. You will know when and where things are happening, and we will be prepared in advance. We were so lucky to hear an amazing word from Erin Smiley while I was away. We only benefit from more voices and more ideas.

On August 27th we are lucky to have Rev. Hand back in the pulpit. On September 17th, your worship team is scheming up an idea and October 22 will bring us more voices. November 12, during our annual Stewardship Campaign, you may just see something creative being cooked up in the financial realm and since December is Advent, I will be in the pulpit every Sunday.  Stay tuned for more details on upcoming events as well! The Fall will bring a season of questioning and I can’t wait.  I am excited about what is to come in our life together!

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to email, call, text, or wave me down on
Sunday. In the meantime, I would still love to visit you! Let me know when I can!

Peace, Pastor Courtney