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Gather – Phase1: You look ahead and see a spot in your calendar to fit in a vacation and are inspired to search for a place to go. Maybe even a reason to go. Or a relative to visit. Now you gather as much information as you can – how to get there (drive, fly, train), where to stay (B&B, hotel, friends home), what to do when you get there (sights, concerts, renew old acquaintances). How much will it cost? And now you are where our church is on its affordable housing quest… full of information, details and questions.

Decision – Phase 2: Having gathered all this information, you now must decide if the trip is possible. This is where we will be on June 9th – deciding to pursue further the idea of developing affordable housing on our property.

Help- Phase 3: You determine the trip as possible! Now you need to find a travel expert to help plan the details, decide what clothes you should pack, figure out if your suitcase is big enough and find someone to take care of Squeaky, your dog. This is similar to where we could be in two weeks, ready to find a consultant, explore the funding options and deciding the many details that will allow us to do our part in easing the Milwaukee affordable housing crisis.