CHRISMONS – Christ – Monogram

Advent is full of Symbols of our Christian Faith. Which Chrismons best represent the hope you hold this Advent, for yourself, our Church and our World? You are welcome to color or decorate ‘your’ Chrismons.

For Inspiration read: Isaiah 11:1-12

Angel reminds Christians of the angels who told the shepherds about the birth of Jesus. It can also represent the second coming of Jesus.

Butterfly is a symbol for transformation and the
immortal soul.

Candle both represents that Christians believe Jesus in the Light of the World.

Chalice or Cup is a symbol of Christian
Communion. It also represents God’s forgiveness.

Cross symbolizes that Christians believe Jesus Christ died for everyone on a Cross.

Crown is the symbol that Jesus in King. It shows that Christians believe Jesus is ruler over heaven and the earth.

Dove is the symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit. It also represents the Holy Spirit that appeared as a Dove when Jesus was baptized.

Fish is one of the oldest Christian symbols. The
letters, from the Greek word for fish (ichthus), stand for Jesus (I), Christ (X), God (Q), Son (Y), Savior (S). Some of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen.

Heart is a symbol of love and reminds Christians that God is love.

Lamb is a symbol for Jesus who is sometimes called ‘The Lamb of God Lion is a symbol for Jesus who is sometimes called ‘The Lion of Judah’.

Manger represents Jesus as a baby at Christmas.

Rose is a symbol for purity and can represent Mary

Shell is a symbol for baptism. It reminds Christians of the water that they are baptized in.

Staff remembers that Jesus sometimes called himself a shepherd. It can also represent the shepherds who were the first people told about the birth of Jesus.

Star represents the five wounds of Jesus on the cross. Star of Nativity is the symbol of the Star of Bethlehem or Epiphany, when the Wisemen visited Jesus.

Trinity (The Triquerta) represents the three parts of the trinity. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

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